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Let's discuss, how can someone start a restaurant.
It will help newbies who want to start a restaurant business.
Let's with the following parameters.
Country: Pakistan
Bussines Type: Restaurent

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Let's comment down,
How to register a restaurant in Pakistan.

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I found online official websites to register or get to license for the food business.
There are different websites for each province but available.

Please share here if someone has info about it.
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Let's comment down,
How much investment is required for the restaurant in Pakistan?

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Depend on your concept...

Like any business, you need to understand the unique selling point of your restaurant.

Choose a Restaurant Concept and Brand. Your brand name, Kitchen type, Target Demographic.

What do you want on the menu? Create Your Menu.
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Define your business plan and follow the design thinking process. This is the first and most important step to starting any business, even if it is a restaurant or educational training institute. 

After completing all plan and branding paperwork, you must secure your funding. Then Choose a Location and Lease a Commercial Space. Now you have to design your restaurant as per theme and planning. 

Find an Equipment and Food Supplier. Hire the right staff. Finally advertise your restaurant, but don't forget to host a soft opening

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