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How to target the right audience, the right market for your business to know the right way to do it. Smart way? What it will be?

Brainy Team receives this question from the google survey forum from Ahmad Kakakhel.

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The Target Audience is the subset of the Target Market

First, we need to understand the difference between the target audience and the target market. A target market is the set of consumers that a company plans to sell to or reach with marketing activities. A target audience is a group or segment within that target market that is being served advertisements. 

The target audience can often be used interchangeably with the target market, as it is a specific subset of the largest market group. However, the target market does not always mean the target audience.

How do we get the right target audience?

  1. Conduct market research
  2. Find industry trends
  3. Analyze your customer base (Client interviews, surveys, etc)
  4. Analyze Competitors
  5. Create Personas
  6. Define Who is not your Target Audience
  7. Revise all the above steps again and again
  8. Always collect your users/client analytics (For Web mobile apps, use google analytics)
In my personal point of view, yes it is a great tool. But, marketer/product designers should check other demographics and don't narrow their focus. 

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If you're unsure of how to define your product's audience, these three strategies can help your small business. 

1. Analyze your product.

If you've already created your product but haven't yet identified your audience, your product itself can give you clues about your ideal buyer. Start by analyzing your product and make a list of its features. You've probably already identified these in the product description.

2. Analyze your competition. 

Your competition can also provide insight into your ideal audience. Identify the top three or four products that compete with yours. Then, review their marketing strategies and social media presence. Pinpoint the specific groups that each company is targeting with their marketing messages.

3. Assess your current customer base. 

I talk to many startup founders who examine their own customer base to learn valuable information about their products. This works best if your product is selling well. You want to see if your current customers have common characteristics. This could include their age, geographic location, profession, and more.

Follow this article: https://www.inc.com/john-boitnott/these-3-strategies-will-help-you-find-right-target-audience-for-your-product.html

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