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I am running a small company, we have 2 mobile apps, with 9000 active users and 12000 total users.

I want to expand and for this, we need huge marketing budgets and want to hire some management teams.

This all required money, How do I get an investment in Pakistan?

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You can check the following question.

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You can contact angel investors or incubators but you can also contact banks for loans.

Microfinance Loans

Microfinance is also a viable option for startup businesses that cannot afford or access conventional banking capital. We have the FINCA Microfinance Karobari Karza which offers short-term loan facilities to young entrepreneurs. Loans up to PKR 150,000 are offered to entrepreneurs with tenures of 6 months to 2 years.

Getting Loans From Banks

Getting a loan from banks is also an option through which you get funding for your startup. In Pakistan, many banking institutions provide loans to entrepreneurs who have promising business ideas.

National Bank Of Pakistan’s Credit Guarantee Scheme

The National Bank Of Pakistan’s Credit Guarantee Scheme provides loans to startups and rural enterprises. The maximum financing amount that the NBP provides to entrepreneurs is PKR 1.5 Million with a tenure of up to 5 years.

Small Business Finance By HBL

Apart from the National Bank Of Pakistan, we also have Small Business Finance loans from the largest private sector commercial bank in Pakistan, Habib Bank Limited. HBL provides loans of up to PKR 15 million to small businesses with a tenure period of up to 3 years.

Government Financing Schemes

The Government of Pakistan has also launched different schemes and initiatives to help young entrepreneurs with promising business ideas.

Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme

We have the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme that provides interest-free loans to young entrepreneurs in three tiers; Up to PKR 1 Million in Tier 1, Up to PKR 10 Million in Tier 2, and Up to PKR 25 Million in Tier 3.

Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loans

Another scheme by the Government of Pakistan is the Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loans which provides loans

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