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We see many electrical motorcycle companies emerging but very rarely see electric motorcycle use in Pakistan. What is the actual scope?

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In recent years we have seen companies like Jolta and jaguar assembling their bikes in Pakistan. The best of assembling is that their main focus is to develop bikes like petroleum bikes. The jaguar bicycle has a range of 70Km/h and can be charged at home in five hours. Their piece is set to 88,000 now. 

Executive of MS Group, Chaudhry Zahid Chairman stated, "If an ordinary (oil bicycle) gives 50 km normal, its month-to-month consumption will associate with Rs 4,000 yet the expense of electric bicycle will be just Rs 500."

On the other hand EX-PM of Pakistan addresses the inauguration ceremony of jolta bikes. Jolta bikes come in various variations like JE-70 L, JE-70 D, JE-100 L, JE-125 L, JE-Scooty, and JE-Sports Bike. it can be charged overnight and have a maximum speed of 60km/h

We saw that as compared to petroleum bikes EV bikes prices are much higher. Your middle-class person can not afford it easily. Although it can decrease your expenses in the future first time it is difficult for a normal person to afford an EV bike.

Second, we are seeing that their battery life is so short. The current EV bike battery life span varies from 50km-100km. This is another cause people hesitate to buy electric bikes. 

Third, it can not pick as much as a petroleum bike can pick. It can also slow down when putting weight on it. We need to keep this thing in mind that a maximum of 60km/h is much speed for a person we need to improve speed.

Although there are some disadvantages that the industry needs to change some other things are going on in this industry. From the govt perspective, they have decreased the taxes duty on it. 

We can increase travel capacity by installing electric chargers in different places. By installing chargers at various places you can charge your bike easily and you can travel large distances. 

We need to improve the quality of bikes too. EV bikes don't work properly in rain. We need to improve this so that people can move easily in rainy conditions too. 

The other disadvantage which was mentioned earlier is that they can carry weight and can not have high speed like petroleum bikes. We need to work on it so that instead of one bike for one person it will be available for two people too.

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