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IoT startups in Pakistan are very rare. I am not able to find any successful IoT Startups in Pakistan. The reason behind this?

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We have seen that there is a lot of rising in the use of IoT industry in developed countries. It is estimated that were 50 billion devices by the end of 2020. But we are seeing there is a lack of IoT devices in Pakistan. Pakistan's still confused about the concept of it. We think that only automotive things are only related to IoT. but everything related to the internet is called the internet of things. The world is turning from smart houses to smart cities and here we are still confused about the basic concept of IoT. IoT devices are used in fleet management, monitoring patients, monitoring children, brewing coffee, managing your home, and many other tasks. It helps you to perform your critical task and helps to save your time that you can invest in something else. While in Pakistan no one is properly doing IoT work.  No company in Pakistan properly works on such products so that mindset of people can change. 

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