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If we start working on IoT technologies? what are the challenges we are going to face and what is the future scope?

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The concept of the Internet Of Things(IoT)  has taken over our lives in the last few years. Before the idea of IoT the only physical device, we could connect to the internet was our computer., after, the concept multiple devices can be connected to the internet simultaneously. Here are a few fields in which we might find IoT being applied in next coming years.


The IoT in wearables started with the Samsung watch. However, not only has wearable technology grown so far but we also see the number of further applications

Traffic Monitoring:

We need to keep track of our traffic. In today's world, it has become an essential feature. In the new era of smart cities, traffic monitoring is important of digital infrastructure.

Our traffic is already monitored using Google maps which use a device inside our smartphones. In the upcoming days, they want to connect the device directly with the satellite which gives us a precise location.

Fleet management:

Fleet management has become a major part of IoT. this application governs the future scope of IoT. the speed at which lorries and ships are travelling can be measured by the censored inside them and we can also keep track of their weight, temperature, and moisture.


The rise of IoT has led to rising of smart agriculture. While devices of IoT for agriculture are available in small numbers but the numbers can improve drastically in near future. IoT devices can help to check measure soil moisture levels, pH values, temperature, and several other different characteristics to help them decide which crop to plant and when.

Future of IoT in  Pakistan:

With the rise of development in the IoT, the industry govt has decided to work on a regulatory framework that provides a framework for this industry. Anyone can that framework on the PTA website here. There are two ways through which the Pakistani govt deals with the IoT industry. You can IoT sensors and SDR without licensing unless they are not interfering frequency of Radio and other things. On the other hand, CMOS and other Local Access Providers may provide IoT services through their exclusively assigned frequencies under respective license conditions, and/or any other conditions as specified by the Authority from time to time. 


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