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I want to start to give iot services. So to get start my initial idea is to target hotels and offer them to make your rooms smart. Is worth it?

Smart Room features:

  • Electronics can control with a Mobile App
  • Monitor electronics devices
  • Monitor energy usage of devices in a room

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Any idea in your mind about business model?
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Not a specific plan, just give services and charge for it.
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okay, but for this we need a sale idea. why someone buy. yes tech is good. we can just be a tech provider
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I need some one buy my Iot services, so I came with this plan hotels could buy this.
Hotels can charge extra for smart rooms.

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By the way, I love IoT.
It's good you had specified your goal/client.
Your mind is not scattered with your idea. You know what you are exactly doing.

Your question was "Is worth it."
I think yes, you know what you are selling and whom to sell.

Note: Make sure you had validated profitability.
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Thanks to cheer me up,
And yes you are right, I still need some financial research.
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