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Hi, I want to know about the legal procedure for company registeration.
How can I register my company?  Are there any perks from the government?

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2 ways. Register by yourself, or hire some company services. 

I use the following company to file my tax, company is nice


If you want to register yourself, you need to register on NTN and SECP. 

for tax registration https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/public/txplogin.xhtml

for SECP registration guide https://www.secp.gov.pk/company-formation/registration-of-company/

SECP also makes a Startup portal for startups in Pakistan


here you can find videos and other stuff to start a company. 

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Thanks for the detailed answer.
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I suggest, trying an easy way get to hire some firm or individual lawyer for legal work.
Here is one firm I found by google search https://emerhub.com/.

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