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Please can you send me the list of platforms where i need to register my company profile.

We are provider of Point of sale software for Resturant and Retail stores.

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Its depend. Why you want to register? Are you asking about government registration?

Or register your company profile for SEO.

For government registration you can find this article (https://brainy.pk/qa/46/how-can-i-register-my-business)

  • Make your google business profile. https://www.google.com/business/
  • Make your official website and regularly talk about your software on that website. Write articles.

You need to define your marketing strategy. Also need to do research, where you want to sale your product and who are the people going to buy your product. Then use platform accordingly.

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You can also create your blog at medium.com, I personally love it.
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If you are talking about social platforms registration for reaching people/clients.
one is of course LinkedIn the brand for business accounts.
I suggest you should go for short videos of your product, such as Insta reels, tick-tock and youtube shots.
Because nowadays everyone has only 10-30 seconds to get entertained or get updated on new things.
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