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We are working on a project. how can we make sure that this project is going to be successful? This product is going to hit the market according to our expectations.

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Business Model, Business Plan, Research on market, idea validation, design thinking. Here are many processes that help you to predict the future.

But here is the simplest definition of startup. You don't have exact business model. You can do different experiments. Improve your business model. Go to your clients, get feedback and improve your ideas, product.
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You have to make sure the Market needs Your Product or Service.
Find your customers' needs and focusing to fix one problem at a time can help your startup succeed

The following steps will help you to succeed in your product or service.

  • Get the right feedback from the right customers.
  • Make sure customers will buy in--literally.
  • Focus on fit, not reach.
  • Revisit market needs often.
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